We believe that web3 is disrupting industries, unlocking new opportunities for businesses like never before. From instant and near-free cross-border payments to the ability to re-engage communities using digital assets like NFTs, companies can leverage crypto in infinite ways.

But today, every step towards crypto adoption is incredibly hard. From dealing with new compliance requirements, different payment rails, multiple accounts in crypto or fiat, taxation nightmares...

At Nilos, we believe that handling crypto shouldn't be complicated. It should be as easy as handling fiat.

We're here to remove the complexity of dealing with crypto for all businesses, so every one of them can onboard and benefit from this new ecosystem.


We're building the first platform that unifies crypto and fiat treasury for businesses.

Businesses shouldn't spend their time struggling with payments routing & reconciliation, currency hedging, manual data extraction and compliance requirements.

They should focus on growing their business; we will handle the rest.