About us

We’re witnessing a new generation of applications built on top of the blockchain (dApps) that allow artists, brands, and creators to build or leverage their community. From Axie Infinity to Sorare, dApps are building products and generating revenues out of new types of assets stored directly on-chain while reinventing the relationship their partner or they have with fans.

Consequently, Dapps handle multiple streams of income both in crypto and fiat and needs to efficiently store, secure, track, reconcile and manage those revenues.

At Nilos, we want to help them reduce the complexity of handling those finances.

We’re building an all-in-one payment stack platform to help web3 businesses store their assets, onboard their partners, reconcile transactions, do AML/CFT analysis and make effective payouts in both crypto & fiats.

We believe that brands and web3 businesses shouldn’t be focused on building their own payment stack to operate but should focus on their value proposition instead.

Focus on your business, we’ll handle the rest.

About the role

As a Frontend developer, you'll be responsible to build the Nilos App. The dashboard built with VueJS is used by our users to interact with their multiple banking and crypto accounts. You'll be part of a small team of three experienced frontend developers, responsible to solve constant challenges ranging from security risks, web3 interactions or open-banking integrations.

What you’ll do

  • Develop the future next generation of fintech applications, capable of interacting with a smart contract and with a bank.
  • Participate in the very early moment of a startup, building from scratch, recruiting teammates, and speaking with customers.
  • Come with your background and knowledge to set up new practices and propose new product ideas!

We don’t care about a specific degree for that role but you will be an excellent candidate if you :

  • Have 3 years+ of experience in frontend javascript framework (preferably React or Vue)
  • Have experience in starting projects from scratch
  • Like to build fast and break stuff
  • Are in love with fintech and crypto, and believe there should be only one word

What you’ll get

  • The opportunity to work with a small team of 10+ young and smart people
  • The opportunity to learn how to interact with banks, payment providers, and blockchains
  • The opportunity to build from scratch, share new ideas and impact
  • The opportunity to work in our very cool office in the heart of Tel Aviv

If you feel like it could be a match, feel free to apply.